September 10, 2014

Wake County Genealogical Society - Next Meeting Sept 23 - JOIN US!

The Wake County Genealogical Society is excited to announce our first meeting of the season on Tuesday, September 23 at 7pm, at the Olivia Raney Local History Library, 4016 Carya Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610.
September’s meeting will be all about YOU! You are invited to share your summer genealogical adventures, your ideas for future WCGS presentations, and perhaps you can even share your time and talents to volunteer for a committee, a board position, or just a one-time task.
Meetings are free and open to the public, and are for all levels of family historians and genealogists. Bring a friend! It's a wonderful opportunity to step away from the computer and socialize with others who enjoy the same hobby.
Go ahead and also put October’s meeting on your calendar NOW! At 7pm on October 14
(note change of date) we will co-host a joint meeting with the Durham-Orange Genealogical Society at the Page Walker Arts & History Center in Cary, NC. The topic will be “Calling in the Big Guns--When to Hire a Professional Genealogist,  How They Can Help and What to Expect."
Questions? Email

September 5, 2014

Daughters of the American Revolution: What's the big deal??

I've long been interested in joining the Daughters of the American Revolution. That is, until I stopped long enough to ask myself "why?". I don't have a good answer.

I met a very nice lady recently and I said to her "convince me why I should join the DAR". She explained that it's an excellent way to share my research and to ensure it is available for others down the road.

Now, that's a great thought, but I already do that in many ways. Via this blog, my posts to various forums, my public family tree on I'm a sharing kind of gal.

My sense is that, like many fraternal organizations of old, the DAR is aging and weakening. I hope that doesn't prompt a slew of DAR ladies to storm my little neighborhood!  But if I'm going to devote my time and money, I'd like to belong to an organization that has an impact.

I'm aware that the DAR does have some community outreach and that various chapters are more active than others.

Another issue is the cost. One of my local chapters charges $150 just to apply. I'd want to be sure I got my money's worth out of that and as a good consumer, I'm just not seeing the value.

Someone change my mind. Please.

September 4, 2014

Facebook Settings for Genealogists

Ok - so this article I'll reference isn't specific to genealogists. BUT, as a genealogist, I use FaceBook more and more in my research and to sharpen my skills. Like everyone who uses FaceBook, I want to be sure I am careful about my privacy.

FaceBook makes it all ridiculously complicated, probably on purpose because they make money selling your data.

Don't know about you, but I'd seriously prefer that my data not be sold. Not that I'm a secretive sort of person, after all, all you have to do is Google my name and you'll see that I'm all over the internet (but in a good way!). It's just a matter of principle.

So since I'm not the brightest light in the house, I'm really grateful when articles come along that break it down for me in a way I can digest.

5 FaceBook Settings to Change NOW

Don't get me wrong - I love FaceBook. I know people who abhor it, but I really enjoy keeping up with friends and I'm particularly enjoying plugging into the local genealogy community via FaceBook. However, there's nothing wrong with a little caution.


August 30, 2014

Where in the world are the Harricanes?

It's down the road a spell. Neither here or there. Might be in Wake County or in Granville County or in Franklin County. According to my mother, the center of the Harricanes was Pocomoke in western Franklin County. But according to my Aunt Doris, the Harricanes sat right on the Granville/Wake County line. 

But no matter who you might ask, everyone agrees the Harricanes can guarantee two things:  Moonshine and country people with a high suspicion of strangers. My family fit the mold perfectly on both counts. 

On Saturday afternoons, my Aunt Lib would tuck a bologna sandwich and some nabs in her pocketbook and ride the back roads of the Harricanes with my mother, her mother, or anyone who would get in the car. 

The area is known for it's many moonshine stills and rough people accustomed to scratching out a living from nothing. And more churches than you can shake a stick at.

The Raleigh News & Observer has written a few articles on the Harricanes over the years. Here's one

And of course, every time there was a large moonshine bust, it made the papers for miles around. You can read one of the more colorful stories here  about a female moonshiner and her underground still. 

Not much has changed in the Harricanes all these years. There's more people cause land is cheap, but I'm pretty sure you can still get all the Moonshine you might need - just so long as you go to church on Sunday.

August 28, 2014

Davis Family Reunion, October 4 in Wake Forest, NC

Join us for the Davis family reunion at Good Hope Church in Wake Forest, NC on Oct 4 starting at noon. Largely the descendants of Sidney Irvin Davis and Cordelia Davis, but ANY Davis is welcome!

It is a pig picking and sides. We provide the pig - you provide the sides!

4038 Graham Sherron Rd.
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Ph: (919) 527-2804

Email me with questions!

August 20, 2014

William Stancil Land Grant in Cumberland County, NC 1807


Wm Stancil
100 Acres Land
No. 379


State of North Carolina
Cumberland County

Surveyed Sept 26, 1807 for William Stancil

100 acres of land in said county warrant No. 379 and Ent. Oct 1, 1799

Beginning at a stake ?? on or near Elizabeth Stewart back line of her land toward Averas corner then at Averas line north sixty then past forty six chains to a pine in the edge of the south field road then south twenty four east seventeen chains and fifty links to a stake and pointer on Averas line then north forty four east thirty three chains and fifty links then north forty six and fifteen chains then south sixty six west seventy six chains along Elizabeth Stewart’s line of her back track to her line of the Avera survey then as that link to the Beginning.

Alexander Avera
James Carraway

James McNeil, Surv.

August 10, 2014

NCPedia: Things you never knew about North Carolina

Gosh knows I love my North Carolina. Born and raised here, I have said many times that I am extremely lucky to live in the land of my ancestors. Particularly the dead ones. <SMILE>

The NCPedia site is all about all things North Carolina. Here, you can browse biographies, people, culture, and history. Plus business, education, and geography. All part of North Carolina. It has nearly 7000 images.  


NC Trivia Quiz

Women in North Carolina

Folklore and Legends

Places of Interest 

State Symbols

Who knew we had a State Dog?? But seriously....a PLOTT HOUND??

They're cute and all, but I really think my darling Sophie would be an excellent candidate for State Dog!

Ever heard the State Toast? (Just to show what a North Carolina nerd I can be, it used to be part of my email signature!)
Here's the land of the longleaf pine
The summer land where the sun doth shine
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great
Here's to Down Home, the old North State

Read the rest of the toast here